Initial Projects

The inaugural charitable activities of Alyssa's Angels will target areas of need that have been identified by professionals in children's services in the Rochester area. They are:

  • Improvements in Visitation Rooms at the Monroe County Department of Human Services and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
    These rooms host visits for families in which a child or children have been removed from the care and custody of their parents. These visits are critical to the process of reunifying the family. The current physical conditions of the rooms are poor. New furniture, educational toys and games and related items are needed very badly. These children are in the midst of tremendous emotional upheaval and life trauma. They need to experience these visits in a much more positive, comfortable and nurturing environment.
  • Additions to the educational and recreational resources at the Monroe County Children's Center
    The Children's center is a secure juvenile detention facility serving area children that have become involved in the juvenile justice system. The facility is uniquely positioned to provide children with the support and skills necessary to be successful upon their return to our community. Educational resources including up to date classroom equipment, computers, software, and books are essential for this purpose. Also necessary are recreational and free time resources that can effectively engage children with experiential learning experiences guided by facility staff. The facility is lacking in all of these resources to varying degrees, but particularly so in the areas of technology. With an ever changing array of proven resources available, we are hoping to be better able to provide each child we serve with every chance of success.

Future Projects

Lori and Chris Bruno, as well as many of the organization's Board members and active supporters, work in the field of children's services in the greater Rochester area. Alyssa's Angels is also closely associated with the Monroe County Federation of Social Workers, whose members have been consistent and strong supporters of the Bruno family.

These human service professionals, along with those at other local agencies, hospitals and schools, will be asked to help identify situations where a child or a group of children are in need. Guidelines and parameters for requests for help, along with a submission process will be established and communicated.

The Board of Directors of Alyssa's Angels will then review any and all requests for assistance. Help will be provided at the discretion of the Board and based on the availability of funds. ("Angels" don't always know where, when and by whom they will be needed until the time comes.)